Thursday, 4 November 2010

Feedback on Digipak from members of my target audience

Ryan's and Heidi's comments were useful, however after researching into my target audience,  I needed to get feedback from members of my actual target audience.

Therefore, I showed a few of my peers, who are like myself and are big fans of the 80s. These were two white teenage girls (Claire and Michelle), who in particular love Madonna, Rick Astley and Paula Abdul and one black teenage boy (Nathan) who prefers the New Jack Swing genre more, however is a huge fan of the 80s hits from Michael Jackson and Kid Creole and The Coconuts.

All of them said the vibrant colours on the front and inside cover were typical of the 80s and very eye catching. They also liked the use of the threshold effect which gave it a retro look and the use of Andy Warhol’s idea of the 3x3 square template. They also liked the neon light design I created placed on the inside.

However, they did say that there was still quite an amateur feel to it and they honestly admitted that they probably would not buy if it were on sale. Nathan suggested that perhaps I should re-consider putting the neon light design on my front cover as he thought it was a stunning image and it needed to be shown off. Michelle and Claire agreed with this.

Michelle said that she thought it was the back cover’s cartoon design just did not look right with the other images and she suggested that perhaps I should abandon the cartoons altogether.

This was some really valid feedback. It was important that I heard this from members of my target audience, as after I need to make my products marketable. I will make improvements on my digipak according to this feedback in the future.

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