Monday, 22 November 2010

Creating cartoons

I have explained in earlier posts that I may be considering creating cartoon elements for my music video (inspired by Paula Abdul’s music video Opposites Attract), as I have included in my current album digipack and magazine cover.

The small orange hat wearing character that I created for my album digipack, I also want include in my music video. However, in the music video I want to create him appearing to play a horn to illustrate some of the horn motifs in the song.

This is what I achieved on the graphic design programme Serif Draw Plus.8…

As well being influenced by Paula Abdul’s music video, during the creation of this orange character of mine, I was partly inspired by the 80s advert for Kia-Ora (orange juice). The advert is a colourful and wacky cartoon animation.

Um Bongo is another 80s fruit juice drink with a similar advert.

I have also created a short animation of cartoon musical notes appearing on screen in time to the horn played in the song.


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