Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Inspiration for my Magazine Advert Design

I was quite inspired by the designs on recent albums from Michael Jackson (This Is It) and Bobby Brown (The masterpiece), although these were recently released, they contain tracks from the 80s. Also Brown and Jackson were 80s superstars, therefore I feel looking at thse designs is all relevant to my genre. I want to try something similar and create a silhouette that is filled with loads of imagery from my digipak and music video.

I also looked into the designs from the popular 80s magazine, Bravo and I really liked the vibrant colours and 'busyness' of the designs. In my opinion, the designs are a big bombardment of colour, but this of course was very typical of the 80s and I want to use this on my magazine cover. These designs I found in particular include Michael Jackson...

I also looked at the 80s designs of the Rolling Stone Magazine, which although is about the rock music genre, I really liked the bright outline around the text, which makes the header stand out. This is something I want to consider when making my magazine advert and make sure I choose a good header to that stands out.

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