Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My First Magazine Cover Design and feedback

This is my first design at my magazine advert. I recieved a variety of feedback on this. People commented very positively on the image of the silhouette and said that the 'bombardment of colour' was so very 80s and made a plausible verisimilitude.

However, they did question about the black background and said that it looked a bit like a chalk board. They said that perhaps I should have a lighter background, with darker outlines around the text. People said they liked my original header, 'The Groove' but suggested that I should just have 'Groove' as another 'The' is placed in 'The 80s are back.'

One person reminded me that magazine front covers do not usually have actual adverts for the CD on the front cover, so he suggested that I get rid of 'Michael Jameson Summer Love Out Now' and instead replace it with other things that could be featured in the magazine such as interviews with other artists.

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