Saturday, 2 October 2010

Finding the Music for my Music Video

It has taken me quite awhile to find the right music for my video. Unfortunately I do not know any bands, so I got quite ambitious and tried to get written permission to use a Michael Jackson song. I e-mailed Sony (owner of Jackson’s music) and explained that I wanted to use his unreleased song, Work That Body for my A2 Media music video and emphasised that I would not be using the song to sell. However, unsurprisingly I never got a reply back and I also knew that trying to use a Michael Jackson song was dangerous territory.

Therefore I went on Google and looked for some copyright free music sites. A lot of them had really good instrumental tunes but not many decent songs with vocals and a vocal song was what I was looking for, so I could include lip-syncing in my video. I then came across the website, Jamendo which has a variety of music which is all copyright free.

I searched under the genres of Blues, Funk, RnB and Jazz as these are my favourite music genres. After tireless searching through all kinds of music samples, I found three songs that I really liked, that were each in fact very different from each other.

The first of the three songs I found was an acoustic, chill out song by an artist named Mayin. The song was called Green and the instant ideas I got for camera work seemed similar to the shots in the video, Time of Your Life by Green Day. For example when hearing the song Green, I instantly imagined someone sitting on an old-looking bed singing and playing the guitar.

The second song I found was by Blues/Rock band, Hot Fiction. They had a similar sound to Jimi Hendrix and I really liked the vocals in their songs in particular. Out of their album, a song called Truly Dark was my favourite. In a music video for this song, I imagined lots of surreal and scary scenarios such as people wearing freaky looking horror masks. Also I saw people being buried alive and weird and odd looking choreography routines. I preferred Truly Dark to Green and got inspired a lot more by it.

The third song was a typical 80s sounding pop song called Summer Love by Michael Jameson. The minute I heard it, I was truly inspired and certainly got a lot of ideas for a music video. I am a huge fan of 80s music and I think the fashions at the time were very amusing but good fun. Because of this, I have chosen Summer Love for my music and I plan to have an 80s themed music video.

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