Sunday, 3 October 2010

Mood Board

This is my mood board showing images that have inspired my ideas for my 80s pop music video. I have been inspired by several music videos from artists Rick Astley (top left), Bobby Brown (center and just below center), Jane Child (left of Bobby Center pic), Paula Abdul (bottom right) and Michael Jackson (top right and just below).
I have also added some album covers that have inspired the making of my own digipack. As you can see I have added Three Feet High and Rising from De La Soul and Make You Shake It by The Human Body. The rest of the images I have added are my inspiration for the kind of fashion that will be portrayed in my music video. To the right of Rick Astley are some harem pants which were popular in the late 80s. Also to the far right of the mood board is MC Hammer who was well-known for wearing harem pants in his video, U Can’t Touch This. I plan to wear some harem pants in my music video which will fit the 80s theme and hopefully look quite comic.
Also I have a very similar red jacket to the one Michael Jackson is wearing in the top right corner. The screen shot is from his famous 80s music video, Beat It. I will certainly be wearing the red jacket in my music video, which will hopefully go well with the harem pants. There is also a picture of a high-top shoe which were typical 80s footwear.

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