Thursday, 21 October 2010

Feedback on my digipak

I received feedback from my peers on my digipak and the majority of it was very positive. They said that I really captured the cheesy and vibrant 80s theme in each of the images. They also commented that they could tell that my music video was not to be taken too seriously as the cartoon pictures suggested comic and light hearted themes.
Heidi said she really liked the recurring heart images which clearly was relevant to the song ‘Summer Love.’ She also liked the fact that my silhouette images were referring to the silhouettes that feature in my music video.
Ryan said he too really liked and understood the 80s theme straight away. He appreciated the contrast of the two darker images with the two colourful images and said that all the images fit together nicely.
The only thing that they did query was the difference in text between the far left image (cd holder) and the rest of the images. I explained to them that I wrote out the letters with the torch and said that this image was also going to be a part of my music video. They both appreciated the creative idea and suggested that as long I incorporate all aspects of the digipak such as the cartoons, the silhouettes etc in my music video then the audience will be able to relate to the digipak a lot more and understand what the images are all about.

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