Monday, 25 October 2010

Preliminary Exercise (Lip Sync Practice)

Here is a quick video I made with my webcam, which explains why it is not top quality. I recorded myself singing along to Bobby Brown’s Every Little Step. Then when it came to editing this footage I muted the clip and added the audio mp3 file along with the video file. It was quite a challenge at first to get my lip syncing in time with the music, as this is the first time I have edited since the AS course. However I eventually got everything in time, and this has increased my confidence when it comes to edit my footage for my actual music video.

As well as lip syncing, I also plan to have dance routines and shots of a drummer, this also will need to be in time with the music. Therefore, it is vital that I have some practice with editing footage before I get to the real thing.  

I chose the song from Bobby Brown because not only is it one of my favourites, but it also gets me in the mood for my 80s themed music video!

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