Monday, 4 October 2010

Research and Inspiration for my album cover

I have been doing some research and taking a look at 80s album covers...

Out of the six covers I have posted, I am quite inspired by the album, Make You Shake It by The Human Body (second one from top). I like the neon light effect showing the band’s name and how its bright colours are a nice contrast to the dark background colour. The handwritten style of text and the different sizes of each word make the cover more interesting and more appealing to the eye. The Human Body band are an 80s jazz funk band with wacky sounding tunes and a lot of improvised vocals. The style of their album cover suits the band. A plain styled font which is perfectly aligned could be still attractive, but I think it could give out a completely different persona about the band and perhaps not suit their style.

I think the song, Summer Love by Michael Jameson is quite similar to The Human Body’s music style. Therefore, inspired by their album cover, as part of my album design, I am going to create an image that has a neon light appearance as well. I will achieve this by taking pictures in a darkened room with a slow shutter speed on my camera and then using a torch, I will write out the words Summer Love as the picture takes. Although the technique is simple, I think the idea will very much suit the wacky and fun style of my music video. Not only this, but in my opinion neon lights are very eye-catching as well.

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