Saturday, 9 April 2011

Editing Diary (guitar shots)

Editing the guitar footage
I have edited some of the guitar footage with the threshold effect, however to add a bit of variety, I wanted to add a different visual effect that still was colourful and appropriate to the 80s theme. I was hoping to create something similar to a neon glow effect as after looking at some images of 80s fashion, artwork etc and also talking to people who were youths in the 80s and appreciated the trends of the time (people who are part of my target audience), I discovered that neon colours were very iconic of the 80s era.

80s Ghostbuster music video
Elements of the 80s fashion
 After doing some experimentation with the various video effects on Premier Pro, I found setting the solarise effect to 100 (video effects panel > stylize > solarise) made a very vibrant and glowing appearance, and I thought this was perfect for my 80s theme. I then had to add the colour replace effect once again, otherwise the solarise effect was just a plain looking dark blue.

(Top) Solarise and colour replace effect. (Bottom) Threshold and colour replace effect

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