Saturday, 9 April 2011

Shooting Diary (Heidi and I shoot)

Myself and Heidi shoot
Today, I captured footage of Heidi and me in the studio. I thought it would be nice as the two of us star in the music video to have footage of us together lip syncing and dancing. This time, I did not bother with the big, photographic light as I will be colouring this footage anyway and I found that the light did not make any significant different, therefore for this shoot I just used the normal studio lighting.

Heidi wore similar clothing to what she had worn in the last shoot; I wore my red harem pants, a red suit jacket with padded shoulders and a trilby. I filmed footage of both of us performing Bobby Brown/New Jack Swing inspired moves, I also got a shot of me in the foreground lip syncing and Heidi in the background dancing. We then swapped position.

This formation of us two was inspired by Rick Astley’s Together Forever music video. The idea is so simple yet very effective.

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