Saturday, 9 April 2011

Shooting Diary (guitar shots)

Guitar Shoot
Today I captured some footage of me playing the guitar. This shoot originally was not planned, however I felt there definitely needed to be another instrument, as well as the drums, as the song ‘Summer Love’ is very rhythmical and a collaboration of different electric instruments. I captured the footage in the photography studio, which is a small room with white walls. I did this because I did not want to have a distracting environment as I want a lot of my audience’s attention to be on the array of colours I am creating in my music video, rather than the detail in my shots.

In this shoot, I captured a basic long, mid and close up shot of myself playing the guitar and the studio light was a good source of light, which did not make the shot too grainy. This was a successful shoot and I hope it is just as successful when I come to edit this footage.
mid shot, close up shot and long shot
My costume was inspired by the female New Jack Swing group TLC (backwards beret) and MC Hammer (red harem pants).

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