Saturday, 9 April 2011

Shooting Diary (heidi shoot)

Heidi Shoot
I returned back to the studio to capture some footage of Heidi doing some cheesy 80s dancing and some lip syncing as well. I managed to get hold of one of big photographic lights and place it upon Heidi. This gave a subtle warm glow upon her, which I liked.

I wanted Heidi’s costume to be simple, yet appropriate to the genre of the music video. This is because Heidi is a very good dancer and too much of a complex costume may distract an audience from the movement she performs. I looked at various pictures of 80s fashion, which influenced Heidi’s costume. She wore some black leggings, stripy, colourful socks, a bright red top (all typical of Madonna to wear), big sunglasses (typical of Rick Astley) and a trilby (typical of Michael Jackson). The trilby is also more of a tribute to the New Jack Swing era, as a lot of New Jack Swing artists of the late 80s wore trilbies.

In this shoot, I did not use a tripod, so I had to be careful that I did not jerk the camera too much and when I wanted a moving camera shot, I tried with care and not make it look really amateur. This was quite a challenge and most of the time the camera wobbled far too much. Therefore, I myself had to act as the tripod and I attempted to keep the camera as static as possible. These shots were not too bad; however it will be a challenge sifting through all this footage in Premier Pro and trying to pick the right shots to use in my music video.

However, my model Heidi was brilliant; she turned up on time, was filled with energy and enthusiasm and had learnt the lyrics. I am pleased have chosen someone reliable to star in my music video.

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