Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Interscope Records

I used Wiki to help me decide on the record company who were likely to be interested in my products and if they would want to work with me. Michael Jackson was an artist who has strongly influenced my ideas and through Wiki, I found that he had done a lot of work with Epic Records, therefore I thought this would be a good record label to work with.

However, whilst doing my research into the New Jack Swing, I found that the founder of this genre, Teddy Riley, had worked with a variety of late 80s and New Jack Swing music artists for Interscope Records. Therefore I thought this would be a more suitable record company, as the kind of products I have produced are likely to generate interest from Teddy Riley. I realised that comparing my artist to Michael Jackson is very illogical, as he was a world wide known and highly successful music artist.

On the spine of my album digipak, I have typed Interscope Records in a small font, as this is how most of the record label’s names are presented on an album.

Teddy Riley (works for Interscope)

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